Follow the Everyday Journey of a Digital Startup as the Founders Challenge the Status Quo of the Traditional Office Supply Industry

28 Sep

Highbar Trading shares its journey to position itself in Office Supply Essentials nationally.

There are over 600,000 start-ups in the US every year.  Considering all that goes into creating a business – loans, investments, buildings, marketing, supply chain, employees. What if those could-be business owners had the chance to experience, firsthand, all of the down and dirty drama of building a large scale, national company Highbar Trading, from the ground up?

Highbar Trading Co. (, founded by Todd Miller, Justin Miller, Ben Miller, and Mark Light, is a technology driven, digital organization that offers everyday operational commodities to businesses.   They will revolutionize the status quo of the office product industry by combining extreme transparency in pricing and practice along with industry expertise in order to earn the trust of clients through content production that educates their client base on best practices.

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