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Breaks are the fuel that employees need to be productive and make the most out of each day. We provide an extensive assortment of breakroom essentials that include easy online ordering and competitive prices. Ask us about things like coffee bar essentials, soda for your vending machine and snacks to energize your entire office throughout the day.

Who has time to run out and grab coffee, bottle water, cutlery, cups, and other break room items? Plus, these items can be heavy, bulky, and tough to transport. Not to mention, gas is getting more expensive, time is invaluable, and sending an employee out to grab supplies can be a liability. Getting all of your break room items delivered with your other office needs cuts down on both hard and soft costs.

Every organization has different needs. By letting your representative know what you are using, he/she can then complete a price comparison analysis to show savings, and ensure that you are getting the same or better product. Comparing apples to apples is extremely important when it comes to break room items.


Have you seen my red stapler? Try standardizing.

05 Aug 2019

Do you have employees asking, "have you seen my red stapler?"  The discussion around the benefits of standardized procurement makes me think of...

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Do I need a 24/7 assistant?

05 Aug 2019

Do you need a 24/7 assistant?  There is no doubt that it would alleviate many concerns about not getting everything crossed off of the list for...

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